Top Reasons To Consider Switching to Custom Haircare

Everyone has unique hair with its own special needs, so you may be wondering if changing your products to custom-made ones is the right move for you. Here are some of the top reasons to consider adding custom haircare to your routine.

Salon Hair Products Are Too Expensive

If you’ve ever had your hair done by a salon, you know that the products they use are top of the line but can be pricey. Since your hair may require more than just a shampoo and conditioner, the cost can add up quickly if you are buying professional styling products. Custom hair care lines may save you money simply because you can really narrow down what your hair needs and the price points tend to be lower than salon products. If you aren’t sure where to start, there are plenty of opinions to be found online and you can check out Function of Beauty reviews to hear how these products have worked for others. Many of the companies that produce custom hair products have online quizzes to get a feel for your hair type and personal needs and some salons offer in-person consultations.

You’ve Tried Everything Else

If you have tried tons of haircare products, such as drug-store brands and salon lines, and have had trouble finding products working for you, custom hair care may be what you are looking for. Whether your hair is fine and straight or thick and curly, you can take a quiz to find out what ingredients and styling products would work best to achieve the results you are seeking. While some people can get away with using off-the-shelf shampoo and conditioner, you may not have hair that responds well to these products. Some hair types, for example, benefit from certain ingredients that may be harder to find in drugstore brands. Ingredients, such as silicone, can be great for dry, frizzy hair but may weigh down finer strands. There are many perks that come with custom haircare, and another one is that you can generally customize the scent or opt for fragrance-free.

You Have Finicky Hair

If you have hair that never seems to be happy no matter what you do, custom haircare may work better for you. For example, if your hair is thick, wavy, dry and frizzy, it’s going to require nourishing and smoothing ingredients that can also boost your waves, which can be very difficult to achieve with just a handful of off-the-shelf products. By using products that have been custom-made for these specific hair needs, you may be more able to use fewer products and achieve a better end result. People with naturally curly or kinky hair tend to have hair that is pickier about the products used, needing more moisture and frizz reduction. If your hair falls into these categories, you may consider custom haircare as a way to streamline your routine and nurture your hair at the same time.

As you can see, there are many benefits when it comes to custom haircare, so it may just be the new hair routine you’ve been seeking.