Tips On Choosing The Right CBD Oil Cat Treats For Animals

Our cats may be playful and cheerful, but they also need medical attention which we sometimes forget because we cannot see and feel their pains or suffering. This is why as pet owners, you should visit an expert regularly so that you will know more of their needs. For example, when they used to fight with other cats often and we find it normal, you may not be aware that this is already a sign that the aggression is becoming a problem, or when they are always hiding from people then they may be suffering from psychological disorders.

You will never know how to treat them if you are not going to consult a veterinarian because they can give you medicinal or therapeutic supplements, such as CBD oil as a treatment. This contains ingredients or extracts that can benefit your kitty since it can naturally relieve pains as well as inflammation, reduce anxiety or depression, and aggression. Some of you may think that this is better than harsh drugs, while others may also think that this might contain THC due to the cannabidiol content, but this therapy is safe and without traces of hyperactive chemicals.

I supposed you have read a lot of reviews written online like this typesofpet cat article, which are intended for pet owners and those with passion for animals, regarding the use of CBD oil. In fact, it is available in the market, but be very sure that you are going to but the right item and the ones that are specifically meant for animals. You need to be careful, too, on how or which supplement to buy because you have a lot of options to choose from and it is important to make sure that it doesn’t contain THC.

Intended for Pets like cats

Remember that human beings and animals differ when it comes to the anatomy and the endocannabinoid system of the body. It is indeed safe to use but it is still advisable to give what is specifically made for cats.

You should know that some of these supplements that were designed for human beings may contain THC and animals cannot take this. That’s because of their sensitivity to THC and this is the reason why only zero to a minimal amount of this component must be present. This may not actually kill your kitty but the effect is quite terrible and unpleasant for them.

For example, due to this alternative, these animals may suffer from anxiety, disorientation, panic disorder, or ataxia to name a few. Now if you do not want your kitty to experience this, ensure his safety, and do not give him supplements from untrusted or unsure suppliers and sellers.

Plant Resource

Keep in mind that the oil extract should be coming from hemp, instead of a marijuana plant –  check out to see more differences. First of all, hemp is legal in most states, while marijuana is illegal. And then, when it comes to the amount or concentration of CBD, you can find more from hemp plants than marijuana.

Do not forget that due to the high concentration of THC, marijuana can be toxic for your kitty. So be very sure to choose the source of the extract. THC is also found in hemp but it is less and only containing 0.3%.

Third-party test confirmation

It is very important to confirm this testing to make sure that the CBD oil produced by the manufacturers are properly assessed. This is also for the safety of the pets because the supplement must be made from high-quality ingredients.

Remember that you should confirm the concentration of various cannabinoid contents which is transparent to the consumers and only third-party laboratory testing will do that. Through these results, potential toxic content included is uncovered. With this, you can verify the cannabidiol concentration, too.


Pretty sure that you have a veterinarian for your pet, sp before giving this supplement, it would be great to pay your cat’s doctor a visit. He knows about the medical history and current condition of your kitty. Therefore, he can suggest a more effective treatment.

You cannot also give this treat to your kitty without informing his doctor, especially when taking medications because this can interact with the medicine. Again, before starting the treatment, check it with your veterinarian for verification and dosage as well.

Extraction Method

If possible, you have to know how they extracted or made the supplement. Manufacturers have different methods of extracting the cannabidiol. They may use chemicals or butane.

We cannot allow your pet to be exposed to toxic chemicals that may worsen their condition. It would be ideal to look for manufacturers that are producing the cannabidiol CO2 extraction method because this undergoes the distillation process, too. In this way, you will know that your cat will be free from toxic chemicals.


This is an organic compound that is also found in plants just like cannabis – look at this for more essential aspects. However, due to the extraction method done, this aromatic compound may be eliminated. What others do not know is the fact that this is also an important extract.

Terpenes naturally boost the endocannabinoid system and work for therapeutic purposes that’s why it is present is some oil products. It also helps in treating depression, anxiety, pain, epilepsy, inflammation, infections, and cancer.

Now, if you can have both extracts in a single supplement, then the effect would be greater. Both are natural and organic supplements, so it won’t harm to your cats. If you can find terpenes as one of the contents, then make sure that it is for real to boost the treatment of your pets.


Be meticulous with the ingredients added on the supplement. If this contains something that may lead to irritation or any negative reaction, then you should look for other options.

Remember that this is supposed to be a therapy and not to put his life at risk. For example, if it contains sugar, then it is not a good choice. Just make sure that this is synthetic so that it cannot bring harm to the system.