Dental Care

Food to maintain your teeth and Gums

Having a bad tooth always gives you a bad impression. Whether you are just casually talking with someone or posing with a smile in front of a camera. So, you need to maintain the proper health of your teeth. All these are best for your teeth and useful especially if you are suffering from any teeth diseases like a Gum problem etc. You can prevent your teeth from decaying by consuming the below-given food. Try to add some of these in your daily diet or drink/eat some of them casually. Below given are the best food to maintain your teeth.


Milk and Milk products are one of the best foods you can eat to strengthen your teeth. Milk is rich in calcium. Therefore, it helps you in hardening and strengthening your teeth as well as bones.


Whenever you order your favorite Pizza, don’t forget to ask them for an extra layer of cheese. Cheese not only makes your food tasty but is also helpful for teeth and Gum related disease. This just gives you one another reason for eating cheese.


Surprised Right? Yes, if the chocolate contains at least 70% of cocoa, it is good for your teeth. As chocolate has CBH which prevents the tooth from decaying and also hardens the tooth enamel. You should only consume chocolate in a moderate amount. The extreme amount may damage your teeth.

Nut and Seeds

Some of the best Periodontist in Miami also suggests you go with nuts and seeds. It helps to maintain the proper health for your teeth.


Water is the basic need of human being and also helpful for your teeth. It prevents your teeth from dehydration and also cleans the little piece of food stuck on your teeth. So, overall you should drink more water.

Green and Black tea

Green Tea and Black tea are considered as the healthiest beverage. Not only it is good for your overall health but also it is helpful to maintain stronger teeth.

Having Teeth or Gum Problems?

These are the best food to prevent Gum problems but if you have any teeth related disease. You should surely contact your dentist. Also, if you have any of the serious diseases make sure you contact the best Periodontist in Miami. The treatment nowadays doesn’t cost you much and along with that, it does not have any side effect. In all cases, the patients are satisfied after the treatment. Hence, if you have some serious disease don’t waste your time in curing it at home and make an appointment with a Periodontist today itself.

To conclude, these are the best Food you can eat to prevent your teeth from decaying and making it stronger. Although, these are the best food for your health don’t over consume any of these. These are only beneficial when eaten in a moderate amount. An excess amount of anything will only damage the teeth. Hence, be safe, keep your teeth stronger and contact your dentist or Periodontist if you have a problem.