Braces or No Braces

Your beautiful smile has a lot to do with your teeth. Therefore, keeping them in shape is as important as keeping them clean and healthy.

Not everyone is gifted with perfect teeth. Many of us have issues like crooked teeth, crowding and non-aligned teeth that give us physical and aesthetic complications.

Your Orthodontist can correct these issues with Braces.

Braces are made of metallic or ceramic wires and other bonding material that is attached to your teeth.

It is recommended to wear braces in adolescent age, but many adults wear corrective braces later in life.

Braces are an effective solution for your teeth alignment problems. But their efficacy depends on how efficiently your orthodontist applies them and how carefully you follow the procedures and instructions for wearing and cleaning your braces.

An orthodontist from dental clinics like RiverEdge Dental Clinic can diagnose your teeth alignment problems and guide you on how and when to start wearing braces.

There are different types of braces. Your Orthodontist will examine your case and recommend the right one accordingly.

Metal braces: These are the age-old traditional ones. They consist of metal brackets or bands that are fixed to your teeth and an archwire that holds these brackets.

Ceramic braces: These braces are like metal braces but their brackets are made of tooth-coloured ceramic. So, they are not much noticeable.

Invisible braces: These braces are clear plastic trays that can be easily taken off and put back on teeth throughout the day. They put pressure on your teeth to align them.

Lingual braces: These braces are harder to be noticed as they are fixed behind your teeth.

Retainers: These are aligner trays used after completing the treatment with traditional braces. They are used to keep your teeth in their new place.

You can consult places like this Dentist Ottawa and others to learn more about different types of braces and their applications.

How to determine the need for braces?

People use braces mainly for two reasons. Either for having a medical problem of over or underbite or for a better smile. The former is a medical need, and the latter is a cosmetic need.

Misaligned teeth make it difficult for patients to chew food properly and result in jaw pains and toothaches. Overcrowded teeth leave no space between each tooth for brushing. Hence, make them more prone to a cavity.

Some people with misaligned teeth do not suffer from any medical conditions but want to perfect their smile. They are treated with cosmetic braces.

What is the best age for wearing braces?

The application and process for teeth alignment with braces are the same for children and adults. But, the treatment can take longer in adults as their bones are no more growing. It is advisable to consult your orthodontist as soon as you discover any alignment problems with your teeth.

Whatever your need may be, your orthodontist will examine your teeth and suggest the type of braces to solve your problem.