Why Drug Testing at Work Is So Important


There are many ways that drug use impacts society, but when it comes to being able to perform a job properly and safely drug use can be particularly problematic. When employees of a business do drugs and are impaired while they are at work, it can seriously lower productivity which can lead to lower revenue. In addition, being impaired by drugs can lead to some serious issues when it comes to safety which could potentially lead to the loss of life or serious injuries. Fortunately, with tools such as a 10 panel drug test, it’s now easier than ever to test employees for potential drug use.

It’s important to note that just because an employee test positive for drugs it does not mean that you must fire them. In fact, this could be very detrimental to your employee and lead to the drug problem getting worse. On a business aspect, if the employee is otherwise a good worker and still does their work, encouraging them to get into a program in order to keep their position might be the best option both morally and financially as it is quite expensive to train new employees. This is especially true if they have been with your company for a considerable amount of time. Having a job to return to after rehab can benefit everyone involved as they may work harder to prove that they are on the right track.

It’s Not Safe to Have Employees On Drugs

Keeping your employees and customers safe is one of the top priorities that businesses have when it comes to wanting to maintain a workplace that is free of drugs. When someone is using drugs or under the influence while at work, their judgment may be impacted which can lead to them making dangerous decisions. These risks to safety are a huge liability for your company that needs to be addressed quickly to ensure that nothing and nobody is hurt. Studies have shown that almost half of all accidents that have occurred at work have involved some type of drug use and abuse.

Drug Use Impacts Performance

Even if someone’s job doesn’t involve anything that could be considered dangerous to themselves or others, drug use can still impact how they are able to perform in their position. It can be difficult for an employee to focus on the tasks at hand as their mind can drift off to issues that don’t involve their job. With drug testing, companies can identify employees who are not performing at their best and either help them to fix the problem or remove the weak link. This can help the company improve its performance.

It Impacts Profits

Employees that are using drugs are more likely to have more missed days along with their decreased productivity. In addition, if drug use causes an accident, your company may be liable in a lawsuit if someone or their property is damaged. Studies have also shown that employees who are doing drugs are more likely to steal as well.