Tips for Choosing Eyewear

Glasses are arguably the most important thing that you’ll wear because they’re kind of like an extension of your face. In addition to looking good, you have to choose a pair that feels good. Here are some things to keep in mind when you’re looking for eyewear.

Try On a Lot of Options

You’re going to spend a lot of time wearing your glasses, so you should try on a fair number of frames before you settle. If you’re looking for eyewear Halifax, go to a retailer that has a large selection of sizes to choose from.

Weight Is a Key Quality

Heavy glasses can become very uncomfortable on the bridge of your nose, so pay close attention to weight. Remember that a store model may feel a little bit heavier after you put lenses in. Typically, frames under 20 grams are considered to be lightweight.

Invest in High Index Lenses

The thinner your lenses are, the lighter they’ll feel. Opt for high index lenses instead of traditional plastic.

Get the Right Coatings

Consider adding some coatings to your lenses. Anti-reflective coating is a must-have feature because it prevents glare. Also, people looking at your glasses won’t see their own reflection.

Smaller Isn’t Better

When you’re looking at frames, don’t focus on smaller ones because they seem like a minimalist choice. Apart from potentially being too small for your face, they’ll limit your field of vision.

Always Have a Backup

Having an extra pair of glasses can be a lifesaver. One scratch or break on your primary pair can be a serious inconvenience. This is especially true if you’re on vacation. Try to keep a backup pair of both glasses and prescription sunglasses.

Glasses don’t have to be terribly expensive, but they’re still a big investment because you’ll use them a lot. Put some careful thought into both style and function when you pick your next pair.