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Ionic Detox Foot Baths – How They Can Bring Your Body back to a State of Harmony and Balance

People love the effects of ionic detox foot baths; they are more relaxed and relieved from stress and tension. But what is an ionic bath of the foot and how does it work? For example, going to a foot spa session provider and having a detox foot bath session for an average fee of about $30-$75 would be an example. This service is provided by many chiropractors, doctors, beauty salons, some health food stores. Or you can buy your machine.

But what will happen during the session of the ionic foot bath? Since this software is cutting-edge, I would try to explain as simply as possible, and it would take a lengthy explanation. So I’m going to stick to the fundamental facts to prevent confusing the issue.

A Detox Foot Bath is running through an electrolysis process. This is done by generating the correct amount of it in the water of the footbath causing the H2O molecules to divide producing charged negative and positive particles. Such Back that is charged is called ions. The body absorbs these ions through a process called osmosis once the harmful ions are found in the liquid.

Which, instead, is osmosis? The mechanism in which a charged particle would travel through a membrane from a higher concentration to a lower the would be a simple explanation of osmosis for electrolysis use. In other words, this is the method in which when exposed to an Ionic foot bath, the ions in your body can become equalized. Since humans have more positive and negative ions, an ionic foot injection would, the amount of negative and positive ions in the body potentially. If this, the individual will be in what is known as a [CHI] condition. Another definition for the word chi would be a condition of total peace and equilibrium when relating to the skin. It is an old theory that the body will cure itself completely when it is in a condition of Chi. A detoxified skin is a healthy body that can be replaced by a healthy body.

What’s a neutral particle, then? A negative ion is an atom that has lost or acquired one or more electrons, resulting in it being charged negatively. The negative ion is larger than most ions, allowing the body to consume it quickly through the osmosis cycle. Through inserting an electrically charged set of electrodes in the water during a foot bath session, negative ions are formed by the ion field current.

During the foot bath session, the Ionic Oasis Foot Spa creates millions of these negative ions. It allows as many negative ions as possible to enter the skin. This cycle could be linked to a fully charged battery. Once fully charged, it can no longer absorb energy because the battery has equalized and stored as much energy as it can retain the negative and positive properties found in it.

There are many health concerns about foreign matter in a person’s body, such as free radicals, harmful chemicals, heavy metals, parasites, and an endless list of other agents. To be able to reduce or eliminate these substances can be very beneficial for one’s health. Such impurities carry a positive charge, and the negative ion finds a positive molecule or particle to be bound to an opposite or in this case. Once they are neutralized when attached to these foreign substances, the body can readily identify them and naturally eliminate them through its own natural processes. Nevertheless, some of the impurities are spread through the feet during the detox foot bath session; once a person has consumed such a large amount of negative ions, their body naturally continues removing such contaminants over a period of days.


The device falls with the foot into the bath, and the power supply provides the set with a small amount of direct current. Used for feet, this set is the ionic foot bath in a water container. When tandem with the liquid and other components in the fluid, the electrical charge allows the metal particles within the set to separate, thereby producing positive and negative ions. This also allows in small quantities of oxygen and hydrogen to be released into the air. While the ionic foot bath is being treated at the foot spa, this is part of the chemistry that occurs when you divide the H2O molecule.

You will see the water change color as electrical current, water, and magnetic fields interact with your feet when you experience the detox foot bath. While the water alone would change color, the colors of feet in the foot spa and from one person compared to another person are noticeably different.