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5 Health Conscious Catering Ideas For Your Next Event

Selecting a caterer can be a challenge when you’re trying to offer health-conscious options to your guests. It’s important that all attendees have an opportunity to enjoy something from the menu and whether you’re hiring boxed lunch services in Richmond or putting together a spread for a special event like a wedding or graduation, providing healthy alternatives is always a smart choice.

When you’re planning a spread for your next function, keep these five health conscious catering ideas in mind so you can be sure everyone is included as they step into the dining line.

1. Breakfast Options

Some call it the most important meal of the day and if your event or function is going to offer breakfast items as part of the catering, then you want to be sure you focus on breakfast cereals high in whole grains. Bread and rolls should also be of the multigrain variety. Yogurts are a good option but must always be low or no fat. Hot foods like pancakes should be made with low-fat milk while eggs should be prepared with little to no oil or butter.

2. Vegetables

Raw is the best option but cooking your veggies can be done on a grill or oven, also without much oil or butter. The most nutritious choices are spinach, peppers, corn, and mushrooms. Salads are also a great health conscious alternative and you can even add some lean proteins or hard-boiled eggs to the mix. Dressings should also be low or no fat.

3. The Other Salads

Not green salads but those of the pasta, potato, and macaroni variety. These items typically use mayonnaise so be sure that your caterer uses only low or no fat mayo or perhaps even a vegan mayo made from soy or other ingredients. This will ensure that your pasta and potato salads are healthy for those watching their diet.

4. Meats

Much like with some of the other items above, the preparation techniques are going to play a role in whether or not the dish is healthy or not. As for the proteins themselves, chicken without the skin is usually much healthier to eat than red meats. Ham is also a good lean option but make sure it’s off the bone and not processed into a deli meat. Roast beef and turkey breast can also be a smart option.

Fish is the best choice of all since they are full of nutrients and heart-healthy elements. But whether you go with a fish like tuna or salmon or a shellfish like shrimp, preparation is key as to whether or not it’s a healthy meal.

5. Beverages

Anything with sugar should be avoided. Sodas are no good and coffee can be too high in caffeine to be considered truly healthy. Water is the best option but that’s not much of a choice at a catered event, but unsweetened fruit juices might add a little pizzazz for mixing with alcoholic drinks and, if you do go with coffee, offer reduced fat or skim milk for those who want to remain health conscious.