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9 Common Chiropractic Techniques Used Today

Chiropractic care is a process that involves spinal manipulation to cure conditions such as migraines, stress, and chronic pain. Since its invention, chiropractic techniques have helped thousands of patients live pain-free lives through various treatments tailored to their specific needs.

The following are the most commonly used chiropractic techniques.

Gonstead Adjustment

This technique involves adjusting the pelvis or lower back when a patient is lying sideways. It is a hands-on technique that realigns joints, reduces stiffness, and increases mobility through spinal adjustments, x-ray assessment, digital palpation, and thermographic instrumentations. An experienced chiropractor will first know the root cause of the problem before applying this treatment. Consider scheduling an appointment with a local chiropractor Athens to get specialized care and rehabilitation.

Logan Technique

A chiropractor applies pressure on the sacral bone, which is used to cure back muscles and pelvis. It also helps to reduce headaches, stress and releases tension. The steady pressure and rubbing of the back allow muscles to relax and make the spine move toward balance.

Applied Kinesiology

This technique combines different approaches such as diversified or adjusting techniques and light massage on various neurovascular points. Chiropractors advise patients to incorporate nutritional interventions for quicker recovery.

Diversified Technique

This therapy acts like the Gonstead technique, and it is used to adjust extremities and spine. True to its name, the diversified approach is the most used in chiropractor clinics worldwide. It involves unique hands-on thrusts which help to restore suitable mobility and spine alignment.

Soft Tissue Therapy

The technique involves complex tissue massage that focuses on the muscles and not the spinal cord. It releases toxins and helps in blood circulation and allows persons involved with strenuous sports to increase mobility and muscle flexibility—the soft tissue therapy aids in reducing injury risks and relieve stress and tension.

Adjustment Instruments

This technique uses adjustments instruments applied on the line of correction to a patient while standing in a comfortable position. The patient focuses on adjustment and not on maintaining a good posture as with diversified technique.

Thompson Technique

A chiropractor uses a unique table that contains padded platforms that give support to the patient when having a quick thrust during an adjustment. The technique is commonly used for chronic back pain, pregnancy care, and inward neck curvature.


It is also referred to as decompression manipulation or Cox Technic. Flexion-Distraction is widely used, with over half of chiropractic clinics adopting it to treat facet joint pain, disc herniation, and scoliosis. Chiropractors use a unique adjusting table while treating patients.

Activator Technique

The technique involves handheld adjusting instruments that deliver a gentle impulse into the segments of the spine. The force feels like a light sensor, and it is used to cure low back pains or specific migraines. Patients feel comfortable using this technique, and it is mainly recommended for seniors.

Chiropractic care has evolved, and patients can now enjoy these services near their places. A good chiropractor should possess the following qualities; sensibility, passion, good communication skills, humility, and discipline. Those qualities coupled with experience are all that make a chiropractor standout.