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Artvigil: Concept, Dosages and Side Effects

Artvigil is an approved generic brand of the powerful eugeroic (wakefulness-promoting agent) Armodafinil. Armodafinil is sold as Nuvigil by the patent owner Cephalon Inc. Artvigil is a cheaper copy of Nuvigil and is manufactured in India by the highly reputable HAB Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Artvigil is one of the most potent so-called ‘smart drugs’ that are widely used to improve memory, cognitive function, and enhance motivation. It is the secret weapon of movers and shakers in the business and technical world and helps millions of users to pack a punch into their everyday living.

Artvigil Is Newer and Very Potent

Modafinil is very well-known and very popular. Modafinil consists of two components (enantiomers) R-modafinil (long-acting), and S-modafinil (fast-acting), with the R-modafinil being responsible for the highly desirable effects. However, the newer Armodafinil is classified as an ‘enantiopure R-modafinil’ which means that it only contains the long-acting active ingredient, and consequently packs about double the punch with fewer side effects!

What Effect Does It Have?

Eugeroics like Modafinil and Armodafinil are primarily used to help people who suffer from disrupted sleep patterns to live normal lives. Eugeroics are also classified as so-called smart drugs, or nootropics, and have been shown to boost reaction time, improve vigilance and decrease fatigue. Some brands have been approved by the FDA for the treatment of medical conditions and are used as a concentration and memory aid. The US Military is so convinced of the benefits of this class of eugeroics that they use it as a ‘go’ pill to help their staff cope with excessive strain and long hours during emergencies.

Artvigil creates a feeling of attentiveness, alertness and improved awareness. This is quite dissimilar from a ‘high’ that marijuana or other drugs may produce. Users describe it as a sense of clearheaded, purposeful motivation and focused energy. Studies have proved the positive effects on your memory, cognitive functions and intelligence and have illustrated a marked improvement in users’ ability to focus on mundane but necessary tasks. Artvigil enables you to shrug off interruptions and distractions and be more productive every day, and is helpful when learning and memorizing. It has become a firm favorite of students everywhere. These pills are available on

Artvigil Dosages

Artvigil is sold in handy perforated aluminum blister packs containing 10 tablets per strip. One 150 mg Artvigil tablet is regarded as the normal dosage, but some users may prefer to take larger (up to 250 mg) or smaller dosages. The pill is easy to cut with a sharp knife or pill cutter. New users can start with half a tablet, or 75 mg, to test their reaction to the drug before they adjust their dosage for individual optimum performance.

How Long Does It Last?

Artvigil’s chemical structure means that it has a very long half-life of 15 hours, and it is therefore recommended that you take your tab as early in the day as possible. As simultaneous intake of food may slow absorption, it is also recommended that you swallow your Artvigil with a glass of water on an empty stomach.

The Artvigil boost will be evident within one hour, and you will be at the top of your form two hours after you take it. You can expect a good 12 hours of top performance from your day, and some users report being productive for up to 15 hours daily.


Artvigil (Armodafinil) contains a very powerful active ingredient, and 150 mg Armodafinil will provide the same effect as a 300 mg Modafinil dosage. It is, therefore, important to adjust and not exceed the recommended dosage. Overdose may lead to a more rapid or a decreased heartbeat, increased blood pressure and chest pain. Users may also experience restlessness, disorientation, confusion and hallucinations and have trouble falling asleep.

Side Effects

New users may report a number of side effects. These include:

  • a headache;
  • a dry mouth;
  • nausea;

Some dizziness and insomnia may also occur, but these generally pass as your body adjusts to the use of Armodafinil. Other possible side effects may include anxiety, euphoria or an increase in activity levels and talking, or thirst.

Rare but serious side effects include depression, aggression, and suicidal thoughts. If you develop a fever or experience trouble swallowing and breathing, you should stop taking Artvigil and consult a doctor. Very few users may develop a serious rash which can have life-threatening consequences and should be treated by a qualified medical practitioner immediately.


Patients who suffer from severe hepatic impairment and geriatric patients should start with a reduced dosage. You should refrain from drinking alcohol while you take Artvigil. Also keep in mind that your body may build up a tolerance to Artvigil, and it is a good idea to take a few days’ break once a month to ensure that you experience top performance when you continue the use of Artvigil.