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Different Types of Senior Care

As your loved ones get older, you might start to notice their needs changing. Maybe they can’t quite get around their home as well as they used to or are unable to cook for themselves anymore. These things can often lead you to wonder about senior care facilities and what might be right for your family member. There are a handful of options in senior care, which all cater to specific needs.

Home Care

Whether you’re searching for “elderly home care Massachusetts” or home health aides in California, the home health care industry offers plenty of variables to get just the right amount of assistance. You can opt for a home health professional or licensed home health nurse to stop in regularly and check up on your family member. Health professionals can check vital signs, administer medications, and provide some companionship. Home health aides could help with picking up around the house, delivering food, and putting laundry in the washer and dryer.

Independent Living

Independent living could be anything from a retirement community to a wing of an established senior care facility. In these situations, residents still have full control over their own lives and schedules, their own space, and access to any amentities on site such as health professionals or group activities. This is a great option for people looking to downsize their lives or who would appreciate living in a community instead of alone in their homes.

Assisted Living

Assisted living is the middle ground between independent living and nursing homes. In assisted living, residents often recieve some help with daily activities of living and might opt to use the cafeteria in their facility instead of cooking for themselves. They often have some minor health concerns with which they recieve help from the medical staff. These people might have some mobility issues or require physical therapy regularly.

Nursing Homes

Nursing homes are for those older adults who need more significant medical attention. These facilities are equipped with much of the same medical equipment as hospitals and focus heavily on providing mediacl assistance. They have round the clock, on-site medical staff and often visiting doctors will stop in to check on patients. There are also community events and convenient amenities for the patients to make the campus feel like home.

Choosing a senior living facility can be difficult, but if you take into account your loved one’s needs, then you’ll be better able to pick the right place.