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Mental Health and Wellbeing – A Complete Guide

The absence of any disease is not how we define health! “A state of mental, physical and emotional fitness” is what WHO defines as the state of being healthy! Only a few people are aware of their mental needs and wellbeing. We often tend to put so much effort into attaining a perfectly fit body that we forget our minds need care too. So, you should not cringe away from putting your health first in all aspects. Let us understand everything about mental health in detail.

Factors That Affect Mental Health

A lot of day-to-day factors can lead to serious mental health issues like depression, anxiety, PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder). Some of the common causes are:

  • Losing a close family member or friend to misunderstandings, sudden demise or personal disputes.
  • Career or job-related issues that lower self-esteem and confidence.
  • Any unfortunate or tragic incident in the past that still haunts you in the present.
  • Living in an unhealthy work or home environment.
  • Any incident that affected your emotions or mental peace.

Necessary Lifestyle Changes To Bring A Change

  • If the situation is clinical and persisting, seek out medical help from the best psychiatrists in the city.
  • Try aversion therapy and indulge yourself in productive activities whenever you feel down.
  • Adopt new habits and follow your passion. Doing things that make you happy will give you confidence.
  • Do not sit idle unless you are resting. Physical activities are also helpful.

Mindfulness: Gain Peace And Comfort

  • Mindfulness comes from doing things that comfort your soul. You can do volunteer work, teaching or any other social work.
  • Meditation is the best way to achieve mental peace and calm.
  • Do yoga, morning walk and enjoy sunrise and sunsets whenever possible.
  • Take a break from your chaotic lifestyle to revive your energy.

Activities That Keep Our Minds Healthy

  • Reading is the best mental activity that sharpens the brain and also keeps us engaged.
  • Try adopting a new hobby or learn new skills. You can learn foreign languages, go swimming or any other productive task.
  • Always evaluate the positive side of your living.
  • Stay occupied in the office and do something that will yield positivity instead of indulging in gossip.

Mental health and wellbeing should be your priority. A fit body will not yield you anything if it is your mind that is unfit! Visit the best counsellors or psychologists whenever you feel persistent discomfort. Convey your emotions to professionals who can aid your problems medically. Your wellbeing is your responsibility!