Women in Business: Hannah Shippen – A Force for Good in Mental Health Awareness

Put simply, mental health represents a state of mental well-being but what exactly does that mean? As humans, we interact and connect with others, we experience emotions and perform actions, we learn and work and deal with stress, and handle so much more. All these functions are influenced by our state of mind. A healthy mental state enables us to cope with stressful situations and perform our roles in society and is, therefore, an essential part of our wellness. However, when it comes to recognizing mental health there is a lack of effort in addressing the issue.

How can mental health be a key factor in our overall health, yet be one of the most neglected areas when it comes to health care? 

Unfortunately, even before the pandemic, the mental distress in the population was widespread and with the hit of Covid-19, the problem visibly worsened. Research and surveys point out that pandemics have a very negative and damaging impact on people’s mental health due to heightened stress, disruptions to people’s livelihoods, social isolation, and uncertainty. This impact is often overlooked and there is a clear lack of promotion when it comes to mental health. Hannah Shippen, a successful product marketing manager, and content creator, decided to tackle this issue and started a mental health awareness podcast called Let’s Get Cozy and has truly become a force for good in the mental health mindfulness movement. 

Hannah Shippen, founder, and co-host of Let’s Get Cozy Podcast

In her podcast, Hannah is joined by her close friend Brielle Poulter who is a certified social worker and a mental health therapist. Together they have set out to bring attention to mental well-being by openly discussing and diving deep into the issue. Social distancing and other pandemic-related measures resulted in the increase of anxiety and depression in society. In their Let’s Get Cozy Podcast episodes, they talk about the importance of paying close attention to one’s mental state and addressing the problems by taking time to heal and seeking help. They purposefully use the powerful influence of entertainment to promote mental health awareness and each time they bring relatable yet educational content to their listeners. They communicate empathy and include advice for people in distress and engage with their audience through intriguing topics such as personal growth, self-care, spirituality, and therapy. 

Spreading awareness about mental health has become a mission for Hannah as she strives to bring back the light to people’s lives. Her approach to addressing the issue through entertainment has proven incredibly effective in bringing attention to mental health-related issues. Millions of Americans ranked mental health as their number one concern and people struggling with mental health disorders may often feel excluded. Stigmatized stereotypes of mental health disorders have negative impacts on people dealing with anxiety or depression. Hannah and Brielle not only speak out openly about mental health issues, but they also listen to people struggling and try to offer valuable insights in order to help their listeners. They try to destigmatize mental health and help people navigate through daily challenges. 

As a founder of Let’s Get Cozy Podcast, Hannah Shippen also recognized the need for available support, and she pushes for action. She is supporting mental health hotlines, organizations and strives to make available resources for people struggling. She has created a clothing line intended to empower individuals and all proceeds from every purchase go toward funding mental health crisis centers and more resources. She is encouraging everybody to participate and start by making even a small donation to their local community-based services as they’re often neglected the most. Especially during the ongoing pandemic, it is important to make mental health services widespread and readily available to support and provide care to people and address their current and future mental health needs. 

Being a woman in business, Hannah Shippen realizes how competitive the field can be, but she is hoping to learn and inspire other talented people. To spread her message online and reach a wider demographic, she has partnered up with a business consulting company Success Financial Team and managed to achieve outstanding results as more and more people discovered her brand. Launching a startup during the pandemic seemed daunting but Hannah firmly believes in what she’s doing and never stopped pursuing her passion to do some good in this world. Her goal is to keep helping people and she aims to fund, educate, and empower all by creating a community centered around breaking the stigma surrounding mental health. 

Hannah Shippen’s Let’s Get Cozy Podcast is available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts, as well as other streaming services. For more information about Hannah and her brand and more available content, visit the official website To stay up to date on new announcements, follow their social media channels: Instagram: @letsgetcozypod and Facebook: Let’s Get Cozy – The Podcast. For more information, questions, or suggestions, feel free to send an email to