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N95 Masks Help in Protecting from Airborne Particles and Infection

The N95 mask is quite in demand these days. It is a popular series that protects from large and small particle exposure. It has multiple layers of filter, which helps in purifying air 95 percent. Other masks might suffocate you or you may sweat profusely, but N95 respiratory mask helps in comfortable breathing. These masks are designed for regular use.

During the pandemic situation, everyone was instructed to wear a mask to avoid any airborne virus or droplet to come in contact with the mouth and nostrils. Cloth covering was suggested because it allows air circulation and the person doesn’t suffocate. Many types of workplace may require wearing a respiratory mask. There are fumes, hazardous chemicals that may harm skin and health. An employer should ensure that every employee is wearing a mask in the workplace.

If you want to protect yourself from viruses, swine flu, cold and COVID19 infections, then wearing an N95 respiratory mask is highly recommended by doctors. After the pandemic crisis, these masks are now available at every store. You can also get it online at a reasonable price. There are color variants, but goo quality masks available at a reasonable price.

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CDC doesn’t recommend that N95 protect from respiratory disease, but they assure that these masks filter 95 percent of airborne particles. On the contrary, NIOSH tested and approved N95 masks as long as it fits well. While buying an N95 mask follow these steps –

  • Hold the mask in your palm and then press it against your face firmly. The nosepiece should be on your nose bridge and the bottom part should be under your chin.
  • Stretch the top elastic headband and place it behind the head at the top. Next, stretch the second headband and take it above the head to set it below your ears.
  • Now adjust the mask and press the metal plate on your nose bridge to fit properly.
  • To test if the cup fits properly, cover the mask with both hands and exhale with force. You can tighten that area from where you can feel air coming out.

Generally, the N95 mask should be discarded by medical staff after coming in contact with one patient. However, for the general public, they can reuse it unless these few factors aren’t affecting it –

  • Visible dirt
  • Wet
  • Damaged or deformed which no longer fits properly on the face
  • Nasal or respiratory secretion
  • Contaminated with blood or other hazardous chemicals and fumes from solvents

There are various designs and styles of N95 masks available in the market. Some are washable while some are disposable. These masks are commonly used in industrial as well as health care facilities. N95 masks can be bought with or without a valve that helps in comfortable breathing. The performance is always best when the mask fits properly on your face.

The main purpose of the mask is to protect from airborne viruses and small particles. Different types of masks provide different purposes, but the motive remains the same.