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3 Ways To Get Your Body Ready for the Beach

Soft breezes, the sound of waves, seagulls — there’s nothing quite like being at the ocean. Whether you go regularly or make an occasional trip, a beach vacation is a refreshing change of pace. You might be wondering about the best way to get your physical self looking and feeling great as you prepare to go. Keep it simple! Here are a few ideas.

1. Uplevel Your Grooming

This is a matter of personal preference; the choices you make will depend on your aesthetic and how you want to show up for the world. A few ideas: Get a great mani-pedi, a beard trim, or do a search using terms like laser hair removal Ellicott City MD to find a practitioner who’s a great fit for you.

2. Check on Your Health

Before you go boogie-boarding or on a long beach run, make sure you’re in decent shape medically and fitness-wise. If you have any ongoing issues, have them stabilized (with the help of a health professional) before you go, and remember to pack any medications. In the few weeks before you leave, do the type of movement with the same intensity you’re planning for your vacation.

3. Take Care of Your Hair and Skin

Moisturization and protection are vitally important both before you go to the beach and while you’re there. Pack a separate SPF lotion of at least 30 as well as a hair protection product that suits your hair type. If you have long hair, come up with a few protective styles that’ll look great and keep your hair healthy. Accessories are your friend. Hats, coverups, and high-quality sunglasses look sophisticated and fashionable when you choose them with care.

Getting your body beach-ready requires a holistic perspective. Try these ideas to look and feel your best while you’re on vacation.