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4 Ways the Dentist Can Fix Your Chipped Tooth

Teeth weaken over time, especially when they are exposed to excess levels of acidity and sugar. Both of these substances wear away the enamel, exposing nerve and possibly creating cracks. In addition, grinding, poor hygiene and heartburn also contribute to the issue, turning a healthy, strong tooth into something brittle. This vulnerable nature makes the tooth more likely to break, creating a chip that is uncomfortable and unsightly. There are ways for a dentist to repair the problem, improving the mouth’s appearance and relieving any awkwardness that has occurred.

1. Create a Resin Patch

Small losses are often just uncomfortable, feeling jagged against the tongue or lips. By using a resin patch the dentist office recreates the lost piece, attaching it to the tooth. Often a simple and painless process, you would simply need to locate a place that specializes in teeth bonding Park Slope.

2. Reattach the Lost Piece

Don’t toss away the part that fell off. Place it in a glass of milk, allowing the calcium to keep it alive. Bring it with you to the appointment. It’s possible that the dentist can put it back on.

3. Ask for Veneer

A porcelain veneer may be placed over the tooth, hiding any issues. The dentist molds the overlay, possibly sending it out to a lab. One benefit of a veneer is that it may last for up to 30 years.

4. Receive a Crown

If the nerve is exposed, you are susceptible to pain and infection. The dentist might suggest wearing down the original tooth, placing a crown on the top. A root canal may even be performed.

While options exist to mend teeth, it’s a a good idea to limit foods and beverages that cause harm. Limit alcohol, coffee and juices. Brush and floss often, and consider adding calcium to your diet. These actions could reduce the likelihood of trouble, leaving your beautiful smile intact.