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Online Mental Wellness Counselling – The Way Forward

With the changing times around us, everyone’s been facing certain challenges. Living every day in the same pattern can be taxing, the monotonous repetitive behaviour can actually affect people more gravely than ever. People with mental health issues tend to be aggravated when put in certain situations. With the lockdown being implemented it has brought along with it several other issues, one of which is the number of suicide cases in India. In a country where people tend to not talk about mental health and every conversation is hushed, it’s very important to encourage people to have them openly.

But the biggest stigma surrounding mental health in India is that people tend to think of online depression chats as non-effective, but that doesn’t stand true in many scenarios as therapy often doesn’t have much to do with the medium of the practice. If someone takes up therapy online, they could benefit from it as much as actually going to a therapist’s office.

Here are some of the benefits of having an online consultation with a Psychiatrist

Suitable for remote areas

People who live in remote areas can access therapy quite easily. People often forget that the transport facilities and most often the thought of stepping out and seeing people can be a big hurdle. When people aren’t able to access therapy the way they want to, that furthers the problem. Hence online consultation works well for people who do not wish to travel and also people who don’t have access to therapy nearby.

Accessible for People who are unable to travel

It’s very ableist to think that everyone has equal opportunity to be in therapy, differently-abled people might have a difficult time getting to therapy, this problem can be minimized by organizing therapy sessions online. It would save the person some trouble of going through situations that aren’t ideal for them.

Convenience and Affordability

Booking an online session is very convenient as it allows you to pick a time and slot that works best for you, you can also save up on transportation costs. It is also very efficient as some people don’t like the idea of having an office setting for therapy and would much rather like being in a familiar environment.

Safer staying home

One of the most important reasons online counselling sessions are sought after now, more than ever is because of the pandemic. It is always recommended to stay indoors and avoid travel as much as possible. The pandemic and the subsequent lockdown has taken a toll on the mental health of the country. As a result of constant misinformation being spread on social media, fear of losing one’s job and insecurity for oneself and loved ones, a large number of the population are experiencing increased levels of nervousness, tension, stress and anxiety.

All in all, therapy becomes very accessible when it becomes online, often people are not in the space or situation to take themselves to therapy. But when the online consultation angle comes in, it becomes way easier. You can always book an online appointment with a Psychiatrist or a Psychologist according to your convenience. Talking has proven to be helpful for a lot of people. You need not have everything sorted when you start, you can book a session and the rest will be taken care of by the experts.

It is indeed difficult to take the first step but take it regardless, it’ll help you find yourself.