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Signs Your Marriage Is in Trouble

Keeping your marriage healthy and on track is hard work. It is not unusual for couples to reach a point where they have difficulty staying connected with each other. There are certain signs that indicate the trouble is pushing beyond normal relational strife, though.


Lies both create and reveal a lack of trust in a relationship. Leaving important information out of discussions or hiding things from your spouse can be just as damaging as telling outright falsehoods. If you or your partner frequently bend the truth to avoid fights or make things go easier for you, you may need marriage counseling Warwick RI, to find your way back to healthier communication that involves openness and honesty.

Destructive or Nonexistent Conflict

Most people don’t enjoy conflict, but it is necessary for relationships to grow and flourish. Many people have preferred conflict styles or patterns they fall into whenever they face a disagreement. If one person is always competing to win while the other is always accommodating or giving in, however, this can create an imbalance of power that is difficult to overcome. Learning to fight fairly and constructively is essential for creating mutual understanding and respect.

Lack of Intimacy

After you have been together for a while, your relationship may go through phases in which you both are focusing on the tasks you need to do each day rather than on each other. If you are unable to connect emotionally or physically when you take time to spend alone, however, this may be an indication that something deeper is wrong.

Not every fight is a sign that your relationship is over, but there are certain red flags that reveal you may need to get some help. Getting couples counseling or talking through your problems can help you find the resolution you need to make it work.